Monday, 18 April 2011

The UDK & life

Well last year the video games giants 'Unreal software' released a software package called the UDK (Unreal development kit) catered towards independent games developers & enthusiasts. I've recently gotten around to re-acquiring this software package and I'm now in the planning stages of what will be a first-person platforming game.

Stylistically I want it to have that sleek & bleached look we see in Mirror's edge (if you're unaware as to what Mirror's edge looks like, look no further than the screenshot below.
Mirror's edge - An amazing game to play.

So far things are extremely basic- I've messed about with some small maps to act as test levels for features as I develop them. As for how the game will play, I want the game to work using similar mechanics to portal (physics-based puzzles) but with the parkour elements of Mirror's edge.

Oh yeah, my life. In short it's taken a drastic turn-around recently. As most of those I'm closest to know I've gave up on using social networking sites- meaning for many of you, this blog is your only link to seeing how I'm doing in life!

I'm not missing the Facebook experience one bit, I feel rather liberated as a result of leaving it.. I'll probably come back for a bit when the new college term begins in September to see how a few people are doing etc though.

In other news I've re-discovered my singing voice, albeit I sound like a 12 year-old kid when singing.. but I'm getting there, maybe I'll post some stuff on here some time.

That's all for now folks!

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