Tuesday, 19 April 2011

'Project Momentum', life + music project?

Well ladies & gentlemen, I read through the entirety of the UDK documentation last night, all several hundred pages of it.. Reading through it confirmed & reassured my ambitions of creating a game using the software package (refer to the previous post for information on that)

So after much thinking to myself I've decided to go ahead with the idea, the current name I'm calling this project is 'momentum' this will be a solo project (maybe I'll call upon a few Real-life friends of mine for some guidance & expertise if needed) it will be developed in my spare time- so there's no pressure of release dates & schedules for me to work to.

I'll leave you to think about this 'lil nugget of information, as well as providing you a quick mock-up of a Splash-screen logo I came up with.

Onto my life in general, I spent the most part of today lying in shorts and a shirt in the sun on the top of a hill. Despite the relatively large crowds of drunken teenagers nearby it was a relaxing & somewhat therapeutic experience for me + I tanned to some degree all over, totally winning right there.

Oh yeah, I need to get some decent Earphones & some Ipod speakers ASAP.

And last but certainly not least, I've been wanting to write about this for ages now.. Well a whole 15 minutes but still. I'm quite excited to announce I'm going to form a band.
No, not a jazz band, not a Deathcore / Hardcore / Metalcore band like everyone & their mum is forming these days. I'm talking about a Post-Hardcore band with Alt-Rock elements to it (for the unawares, think of generally clean vocals with some use of screaming, strong guitar & constant rhythms throughout). I'd like to maybe do a few Hardcore covers for shits & giggles though.

Currently it's consisting of just me doing the vocals, as I've yet to mention this to anyone else bar a few online associates of mine. Hopefully in time I'll be able to round me up a few other like-minded people so we can get a line-up sorted, but I'm not going to rush things.

I'd be ideally wanting us to sound similar to that of Saosin's early years, think Translating the name, up until Bury your head was released. The material they released in that time-frame was just gold-dust, both instrumentally and lyrically.

(If you're unaware of who Saosin were / are, refer to the video below)

That's all for tonight folks, I'll probably whine / post about some more unimportant crap tomorrow.

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