Thursday, 21 April 2011

My life for Aiur.

Sorry about the absence of a blog post from yesterday, I was totally caught up in other things.. Well not really, I spent another day basking in the Sun upon the top of another hill  as well as learning to do random Pig squeals & screams- shit was so cash.

Today was no different, although I managed to write a few lines for a song- it's looking like a right cryptic fucker for people to interpret though, to understand the lyrics written so far you'd need to be me, although despite this the song is looking like it's still open for anyone else to interpret it in their own way.

Oh yeah, I managed to buy some Ipod speakers, they are a bit quiet (or so the 5 people who whined to me about them told me) but thank fuck they are getting the job done.

Expect a real post tomorrow, I'll include some early lyrics to the above song I was mentioning.

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